love letter

One of the Sweetest Things I’ve Ever Received

i’m filled with hate
that i can’t hold in
yet there you are
ready to listen

i’ve been a fool
for a better part of my life
and here you are
trying to open my eyes

who needs to be sad
with so many fortunes right here
there’s no reason not to be happy
in this world of fear

life’s what you make it
or so i’ve been told
so make it the best
before we grow old

the future is far enough
so don’t think too hard
the fun we have now
will lay down the cards

you can’t pick and choose
the things life throws
so catch them
and use them
with experience we grow

thank you for this
what was once blurry is clear
i’m not sure how happy i’d be
if you weren’t here

for a pessimist
i’m looking pretty optimistic right now
it’s actually quite hard
to find my old frown

they can try to rain on this parade
but it’s been raining all along
it’s ok I brought my umbrella
i call it kate armstrong