Visiting Home, Summer 2017

Hello Folks,

So I’ve been playing “catch up” with my blog lately because of how dormant I’ve been the last couple months. I really should have been updating while things were happening, but we’re not all perfect haha. So I mentioned a few posts back that I visited my hometown at the beginning of the summer. I initially went home for my little sister’s high school graduation but a couple months prior we found out our family friends were coming from Louisiana to surprise my mum and to attend the grad. It was a fun week of getting caught up with old friends and celebrating my little sister graduating (with honours I may add, yay Bernece).

After our family friends left to go back to the states I had one weekend left before heading back to Ottawa. My boyfriend Ben did the lovely 6 hour drive north from Ottawa to spend the long weekend at my cottage and meeting my family. We tried to hit up all the tourist destinations in New Liskeard, safe to say they’re few and far between haha. All in all, I think Ben had a fun weekend in my small northern home town.

Here are some photos from my week at home, enjoy!



My little’s graduation


Three generations of strong women


Friends from down South celebrating with friends from up North


Being a tourist having Thornloe Cheese Factory Poutine with Ben


Ben at my family’s favourite brunch place


Ben and I out for dinner with my momma at my sister’s work


Ben and I at the top of the Temagami Tower


Ben not so secretly freaking out about the height (haha)


Ben making his way down after I told him the tower has only fallen over ~once~ (it’s never fallen over)


Ben and I soaking up the sun at my family’s cottage


The little and I 


What’s a family vacation if not to make your sibling take photos of you?

Love always,

(Not So) Little Life Update: It’s Been a Minute

Hello Folks!

It has been a MINUTE… well actually it’s been three months, but here I am! I have quite the update to do!

So the last time I was on here I believe I was looking for somewhere new to live. I am happy to report that I have moved (I know, for like the fourth time since moving to Ottawa)! I now live in this cute area of Ottawa, closer to my school and work, and I have two roommates. They’re old friends of mine from my McDonald days. I’m finally all settled in and although my last apartment gave me total heart eyes, this place has quickly become a cozy little home.

I have not skipped a beat on school since returning to Carleton this past winter. In hopes of completing my General Bachelor of Art’s as soon as possible, I’ve been taking three summer courses throughout the duration of the summer. Summer classes are exhilarated so it’s been a lot of work, but it means I’ll be finished a semester sooner, so yay! (more…)

Home Sweet Home

Hello Folks,

Two weeks ago I returned to my home town for the first time in six months. I can’t explain how nice it feels to come back. When I was growing up I despised my tiny little home town in the middle of no where. I hated how everyone knew each other and how closed minded the general population seemed to be. My mum always spoke so highly of our little city and told me I’d miss it once I left and I never thought she’d be right (she is always right). I still don’t think I’d ever settle down here, but I can now appreciate why so many people do return to start a family, etc. Our community has dealt with so many heart aches, but from that we have accomplished so much. This past weekend was The Bikers Reunion, which consists of the main two streets in our town being shut down and filled with chip trucks, bouncy things for the kids, and stands from all the local shops. The fair ground near by is transformed into an area for daring performances, motorcycle equipment for sale, a massive beer tent and of course more food. The weekend is held to raise money for the cancer society. At the end of the weekend there is a Freedom Ride which consists of hundreds of motorcycles riding in memory of someone or just to support the cause, it’s truly something amazing to see. In our tiny community it’s hard to find someone that hasn’t been effected by cancer. Two years ago my mum lost her boyfriend (who was also a biker) to cancer. Ever since I think this event has meant a lot more to me. If you want to learn more about the event you can visit their website: http://www.bikersreunion.ca My two weeks home was filled with time catching up with family and friends, working at my mums shop Armstrong on Whitewood* and going to a lovely conjoint first birthday party for two little cuties. I’m sad to be leaving already but I’ll no doubt be visiting again before the summer is up. Here’s a few photos to sum up my week at home.

Bernece and I

Visiting Grandma

Babies first birthday

pic 8
Momma and I

Freedom Ride ft. Momma

Fireworks view from the driveway

Love always,

*Armstrong on Whitewood Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArmstrongOnWhitewood?fref=ts