(Not So) Little Life Update: It’s Been a Minute

Hello Folks!

It has been a MINUTE… well actually it’s been three months, but here I am! I have quite the update to do!

So the last time I was on here I believe I was looking for somewhere new to live. I am happy to report that I have moved (I know, for like the fourth time since moving to Ottawa)! I now live in this cute area of Ottawa, closer to my school and work, and I have two roommates. They’re old friends of mine from my McDonald days. I’m finally all settled in and although my last apartment gave me total heart eyes, this place has quickly become a cozy little home.

I have not skipped a beat on school since returning to Carleton this past winter. In hopes of completing my General Bachelor of Art’s as soon as possible, I’ve been taking three summer courses throughout the duration of the summer. Summer classes are exhilarated so it’s been a lot of work, but it means I’ll be finished a semester sooner, so yay! (more…)

Staying Positive When Shit Hits The Fan

Hello Folks,

This week has kicked my ass. On Wednesday my wallet, along with $200, my i.d’s and a lot of really personal memento’s were stolen out of my bag at work.

Fast forward to Sunday, and I found out I may have bed bugs, and while having a full blown panic attack over this news, I dropped my laptop and now it’s broken.

I can’t say this week has been one of the best of my life. When I started getting a weird rash on my arms and stomach I consulted in a friend that suggested that they may actually be bug bites, bed bug bites to be exact because of their positioning. After ripping apart my sheets, I found one bug on the side of my mattress. I immediately called my super who sent a maintenance person to come check it out. The bug was still alive and I had captured it in a tupperware. He assured me it wasn’t a bed bug because it was too big, and because we couldn’t find any other bugs than the one that was on my mattress, he was convicted it was just a weird coincidence, that my “bites” must be something else and that the bug was just a bug. Being the O.C.D person that I am, I hyper ventilated as I ripped off all my sheets, checking them compulsively and washing and drying them all on hot temperatures anyways. I also removed my curtains and dried them too. I then proceeded to spray my mattress with bed bug spray, buy TWO bed bug covers because the queen one didn’t fit, and then put bed bug traps on all corners of my bed, couch and living room chair (although I didn’t see any signs of bugs in that room). I also vacuumed, and then proceeded to clean my vacuum.

It’s now Sunday night and I was walking home from the grocery store, thinking about my misfortunes and wondering what I did to deserve this bad karma. If it was my bad attitude, or if I did something worst that I’m not aware of. But then I realized that maybe this wasn’t so bad. And that sometimes the universe isn’t punishing you, but just that bad shit happens to good people but that good people just deal with it and move on, because they’re good people and they know how to appreciate what they have despite the misfortunes thrown their way.

When I found out my wallet was stolen I was completely broken. I only had my visa left because it happened to be in my pocket instead of in my bag when it was taken. I had been working a second job for the past week, which is why I had $200 in cash in my wallet. Friday was meant to be my last day and I planned on depositing the cash then once my job was done. When I went in Thursday I had told the man what had happened and how I was kind of freaking out about it. He felt sorry for me and offered to drive me back to my work once we were finished so I could look around for it. I took up his offer as it would have been about an hour walk, and with my bus pass and bus tickets being stolen, I didn’t really have another option but to walk. When I was leaving he went to pay me for my last day as he didn’t need me Friday after all. This man, who I had only been helping for a week, paid me an extra $80 just out of the kindness of his heart due to my misfortunes. I don’t believe I did anything to deserve this, and despite rejecting his money he was insistent that I keep it. I was completely taken back by his generosity and kind soul.

When I found out about my bed bugs I literally cried to Posie wishing that Ryan was here to help me deal with this. He’s the strong one who can deal with the stuff I’m too squeamish too. I tried calling a few Ottawa friends to see if they could help me with no luck. Desperately, I called an old friend who I had seen once in two years and kept very minimal contact with. Without hesitation they came and helped me. They helped me wipe down my mattress, check my mattress for bugs and eggs, take down my curtains and put a nasty plastic mattress cover on my bed. The thought of doing this all alone literally exhausts me as it was tiring enough with two people. I didn’t deserve someone who I’ve barely spoken to in ages help me, but they did.

When my laptop wouldn’t turn on, I called apple support and after unsuccessfully being talking through some steps, the kind tech support lady booked me the soonest appointment at my Apple store and assured me that it will be an easy fix and that everything should be ok. My lovely boyfriend also said I could use his laptop for as long as I needed.

I know this just seems like mindless rambling, but what I’m trying to say is I was handed three shitty situations and throughout all of them, I had the kindness of other people who did not need to help me, but did anyways. I didn’t even mention the manager at work who’s been trying to help me find my wallet, despite not even working at our store anymore, or my mum who sent me money when I was freaking out about not being able to afford to replace my i.d’s. Or my family who stayed on the phone with me as I had a panic attack about one little bug I found, and made them google images of bugs and bites to try and come to a conclusion of if I did indeed have bed bugs or not.

I’m so lucky to have the people I do in my life, and all of my problems are quick fixes. I may never get back the first photo of my kitten or Ryan’s high school photo that I had in my wallet, or the $50 bill that Doc (my late step-father) gave me in-case of emergencies that I’ve kept in every wallet I’ve used for the last 5 or so years. I won’t get those mementoes back. But I will remember the week from hell that challenged my patience and optimism, and I will remember all the people who helped me come out on top.

Love always,