The Free Verse


he tore down her wall brick by brick
while she thought he was trying to come inside
she realized he was just taking material to build his own


i know your mood changes as unexpectedly as the ocean
but in the sea of emotions i was a seasoned sailor
and i wasn’t going to let you capsize my ship


you were thirsty and i was a fountain of admiration


i need someone who is going to be kind to my soul
someone who has no plans to stand in my way
someone who understands that “strong” isn’t just a part of my last name
but a foundation on which my personality has been built
someone who knows that they are not in my life because they deserve to be
but because i’ve chosen to let them

cold night, colder heart

he’s searching for flaws where he once found warmth
he’s letting me walk home at two am on a cold winter night
where he used to care if i had sniffles
something clicked inside his brain that told him he needs to protect himself
that he needs to protect his heart and in turn attack mine


maybe he was just meant to teach me that better people exist and not to lose hope because i guess i kind of had started to


maybe this was my lesson to guard myself again
to stop being susceptible to heart ache from men who don’t see my true value
i am a lovely partner; i will one day be a wonderful wife and an even better mother
but above all, i am a strong, independent human being
and i deserve someone who can see and values that


as the waist band on my leggings rest uncomfortably low on my hips
i tell myself that they have stretched from over usage
that a tumble through the dryer would leave them tight to my body
but what if my structure is caving in
what if when he was running his fingers down my rib cage
he wasn’t thinking about how sexy i looked in my lacy bra
but how he could feel the individual spaces between each bone
how he could literally feel the cage bars protecting my heart
but that it showed a sign of weakness and not strength


i needed to be broken to be perfect for you, and that’s some ugly kind of beautiful


the pink watered down sclera’s of my eyes resemble my newly rose coloured hair and it’s ironic because despite how unrecognizable i may become, my weeping heart remains the same


people gasp when an object falls
in fear that it may shatter
but why do they not gasp in fear
when people fall in love
hearts are just as easy to break

spring cleaning

lying still surrounded by silence
i feel my body reacting to the things you’d left behind
trying to push any remaining parts of you up out my throat
and i realized maybe you’re not as far away as i hoped
you moved out of my heart
yet left your belongings in my stomach
but my skeleton is only big enough for one person’s baggage
and it’s time for some spring cleaning
you’ll find my memories of you on the curb