The Live List

Kate & Ben’s live list: an ever growing list created with my soulmate, to make sure we are constantly making the most out of our life, with items big and small ♥

  1. m1 licenses
  2. camping + sleep under the stars
  3. swim in pond + have picnic 
  4. musical
  5. motorcycle trip of the u.s.
  6. road trip of the east coast
  7. art gallery
  8. spa day
  9. cottage day
  10. rock climbing
  11. baseball game
  12. drive in theatre
  13. hot air balloon festival
  14. cirque du soleil
  15. paper lantern festival
  16. parliament light show
  17. garden mosaics
  18. sugar shack
  19. cross country skiing
  20. omega park
  21. aquarium


One comment

  1. I’m reading through this trying to think of things we might be able to do this fall while we are both alone in Ottawa hahaha. I know of cheap ballroom dancing classes offered at some local churches and I am 110% down to go camping if “sleeping under the stars” doesn’t necessitate anything extremely romantic (I’ll always cuddle, though). 😉

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