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Passenger & One Direction

Hello Folks,

So I mentioned a couple weeks ago I would write a blog post about the concert I went to, and surprise surprise I never did it hahaha. Since then I have actually gone to two more concerts, so I thought I’d just do a little summary instead.

One Direction, Ottawa
I went to One Direction in Ottawa at the Canadian Tire Centre at the beginning of September and it was actually so amazing! Yes I am 20 years old and enjoy 1D, sue me. I went with a friend from school and when we got there we were surprised to find out our tickets were actually ridiculously close to the front! For those of you who don’t know, the Canadian Tire Centre also doubles as a hockey arena so the rows are steep and never ending. When we were trying to locate our seats we just kept walking closer and closer to the front saying “noo way!”. Icona Pop opened for them, which truthfully I think was an awful choice. Although they sing one of my favourite songs of all time (I Love It), they were really sexual and it was just awkward to watch when you have children under 10 years old on either side of you. Once the concert started I don’t think I stopped smiling and melting over all the cute things they’d do. FYI: If you plan on seeing a One Direction concert in the future and plan to see a spectacle, don’t go. Truthfully, all they do is walk around, dance a little and sing. It’s not really a “show” with back up dancers or anything like that. I enjoyed it whole heartedly, but it’s not for everyone.

The best part of the concert by far was the little girl beside me. She was probably five years old and part way through the show I noticed that there was no way she could see over the people in front of us. There was a perfect gap between people in front of me that would allow her to see the cat walk, so I asked her if she wanted to just stand in front of me and she did. She started watching my friend and I dancing and she copied a few of our moves, it was the cutest thing ever. Me and her ended up dancing together and I was twirling her and she was singing the words perfectly to me. At one point I got on my knees so we were the same height and she was singing to me and holding my hand, she even gave me a couple hugs through out the night. She was just there with her mum who thanked me on multiple occasions for involving her daughter. I love children so much so the whole thing just melted my heart and made my night.

Another awesome thing about the concert was part way through they asked everyone if they could put away their signs because they wanted to do some filming for their upcoming music video! At the end of one of their songs they set of streamers and it was just really fun to be apart of.

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Passenger, Ottawa
Every year Ottawa holds a Folk Fest and this year it was held at Landsdowne which is actually not that far from my new apartment. One of my favourite artists Passenger was going to be there on the Sunday, but I wasn’t really interested in seeing anyone else. A day pass was $50, but when I went to purchase the ticket there was $13 in fees! I was planning on going with my best friend Madie, but once we saw the fees we decided it just wasn’t worth it since we had already bought tickets to see Passenger in Montreal like two days later. We decided to go to Landsdowne and see if we could just hear the concert from outside the gates. Once we got there we saw the ticket booths and thought that we should just check out the ticket prices to see if there was any last minute deals. Apparently it was our day because tickets were only $30 as apart of some sort of student rush deal! Neither Madie or I had our student cards on us (mine is expired anyways haha) but the lady let us get them anyways, bless her soul. So the concert started and we were surrounded by people who had no idea who Mike was, other than the singer of “Let Her Go” but it didn’t matter cause we sung our hearts out and danced ’til our feet hurt. The show was so good, and he did a new medley thing where he blends a bunch of his songs together and it was SO beautiful. My phone was dead at the time so I don’t have any photos from that night, but it was so lovely to just be in the moment so I don’t really mind.

Passenger, Montreal
On Tuesday Madie, Chase (her boyfriend) and I headed to Montreal nice and early! We spent the day relaxing around Montreal before heading to the concert about half an hour before the doors opened. Last year Madie and I waited almost 8 hours on the sidewalk outside the theatre to try and get close to the stage, it paid off and we ended up with from row centre (!!!), you can see my blog post from last year for more details, but this year we decided it wasn’t worth it as we had just seen his two days earlier and has the most amazing experience last year, plus we had a boyfriend with us this time so it just wasn’t the best idea. The theatre was so crowded and I spent most of the show being pushed around, butted by tall people, and trying to see between these two guys heads, but it still some how ended up being wonderful. The backdrop that was clearly a new addition was absolutely stunning. Last year there was just lights that switched from red to blue, and although that was wonderful, this stunning backdrop of a moon coming over some mountains just seemed to suit Mike and his performance so beautifully.

After the show Chase went back to his friends house and Madie and I waited to see if we could meet Mike again. We waited almost two hours although it went by much faster this time as it wasn’t cold and raining haha. During the concert I tried to think of what I would say this time if I got to meet him again. Last year I asked for a kiss on the cheek which basically made my whole life when he said yes. I thought about how I changed my profile picture last summer to the picture of me kissing his cheek and how my grandmother saw the photo and thought that I had got a new boyfriend. I had to explain it to her that he was actually famous and was a British musician. My grandma thought he was awfully handsome and being British herself, I think she secretly hoped I was actually dating him. When I got the chance to meet him this year, I told him that I had a favour to ask, and that last year I asked to kiss him on the cheek (to which he replied that he didn’t have cheeks this year) and that my grandma saw the photo and thought I was dating him and how I wanted to step up my game this year and get a “coupley” photo to continue the running joke with my grandma. He said he thought it was a little cruel to lie to my grandmother but continued to take the photos anyways. In one of the photos he gave a thumbs up and said “Happy One Year Anniversary” and I could feel my heart melt to goo. Oh! I also told him how she was happy that I was dating a handsome British man (this was before I told her he was famous and sadly not my boyfriend) because she’s British too, and he asked where she was from and I said Kent and he was his grandmother was from Kent too! Such an odd coincidence.


Anyways, those are all the concerts I’ve been to lately. I absolutely love going to them, especially Passenger, who I hope to see every year as a sort of tradition. Perhaps to keep our anniversary’s going until they turn into real anniversaries 😉 hahah, a girl can dream.

Love always,

Passenger Concert

Hello Folks,

So yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of seeing one of my favourite individual artists of all time, Mike Rosenberg. Or how he’s more commonly known, Passenger. My best friend and I took the greyhound bus early Friday morning to Montreal to wait in-line all day in hopes of getting front row. We got there around 11am and made camp on the side walk, playing cards to pass the time. Shortly after I kicked Madie’s butt in a few games of Speed, I hear Madie casually say “Stu!”, and I turn to see Stu Larsen, the opener for Passenger just walking pass the line. He chatted up Madie for a little bit before she snagged a quick photo with him and he continued on his way down the sidewalk.

The doors opened at 6:30pm and the show started at 7pm. We were about 8th in line and managed to snag second row right in the centre. Two girls (one with crutches) were using her crutches to save the spots right in the front, but we didn’t mind as second row seemed pretty rad to us. A few minutes after getting in though, a security guard took away the girls crutches and told her she can’t save spots like that, and told Madie and I to move up! So we ended up getting to be front row centre for the concert! I can honestly say that it made the experience that much more memorable for us.

The concert itself was just amazing. Mike is so lovely with crowds. His performance doesn’t involve a band, or any crazy stunts, just a talented man, his guitar and some stomping. The crowd was perfectly quiet during the proper songs and singing along in the others. It was honestly such a magical experience to be apart of such a wonderful crowd. This may have just been in my head, but I swear Mike smiled at us a couple of times during the performance, and each time my heart would completely melt. His sense of humour throughout the whole concert with the audience was hilarious and captivating, and I left the concert completely in love.

After the concert, Madison and I decided to go around back and wait by the artist entrance in hopes of catching a glimpse of him and getting a picture if we were lucky. There was around 50 people or more there when we first arrived and we were near the end of the line, but shortly after we arrived a girl who butted us earlier in the line-up came up and grabbed us, apologized for butting earlier and let us come up near the front with her. It’s true that what goes around comes around! She also expressed how jealous she was that Mike had smiled to us numerous times throughout the performance (I guess it wasn’t only in my head)!

It started raining a little and it was getting late and chilly and many of the fans waiting ended up leaving. After around an hour and a half Mike finally came out and there was only about 25-30 girls left. He took photos, hugged, and signed everyone’s things.

It was honestly the best day of my life and I can already feel the post-concert depression sinking in. I hope to see Mike perform many times in the future, as well as Stu. Here are some photos from the event:


Madie and Stu before the show

Mike performing

Madie and Mike

Mike and I

“Me: *blushing* Can I kiss you on the cheek for the photo?
Mike: *laughs* yes of course.”

Love always,

Osheaga Day 3 (5/5)

Day 3: Sunday

Homemade mango popsicles


  • Hey Rosetta!
  • Bombay Bicycle Club
  • The Kooks
  • Portugal the Man
  • Chvrch (some of)
  • Kodaline
  • Half Moon Run (some of)
  • The Replacements
  • Lorde
  • Arctic Monkeys


rctic Monkeys 

lex Turner, Arctic Monkeys


he Kooks


ernece and I

yself and Madison
Myself and Bernece 


  • Hearing Seaside by the Kooks live
  • Listening to Kodaline (who I’d never hear of before) and loving them!
  • Seeing Lorde’s insane dancing in person
  • And of course, seeing The Arctic Monkeys!!

Osheaga Day 2 (4/5)

Day 2: Saturday

ighlight of the day


  • Kongos
  • Against Me!
  • Serena Ryder
  • Local Natives
  • Volcano Choir
  • Haim
  • Modest Mouse
  • J.Cole
  • Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (some of)
  • Jack White (some of)


olcano Choir 

ocal Natives

erena Ryder



  • The delicious piece of heaven on naan bread
  • Serena Ryder – she absolutely killed her performance
  • Getting to see Bon Iver, even if he was performing Volcano Choir’s material and not his individual stuff

Osheaga Day 1 (3/5)

Day 1: Friday



  • Old Crow Medicine Show
  • Childish Gambino
  • Foster the People
  • Chromeo
  • Band of Horses (some of)
  • Outkast (some of)


Foster the People

Childish Gambino

Me and my sissy


  • Absolutely hands down, Foster the People! They were absolutely amazing and Mark has the cutest butt on the planet
  • The weather was beautiful
  • Found vegetarian food at the festival!

Osheaga Day 0 (2/5)

Day 0: Thursday

The day started with our trek to Ottawa Central Station to catch the 10 o’clock bus to Montreal! Unfortunately we arrived to Montreal in the middle of a thunderstorm and our days plan to explore Old Montreal got put on halt. We were staying with a women that we met off, which if you’ve never heard of you MUST check out! Airbnb was a huge life saver for us. Basically how it works is that people who have vacant rooms in their apartment/house/etc, become hosts and rent out their room(s) for the length of days you need. It’s cheaper than a hotel and it also allows you to have someone who knows the city. Our hosts name was Lisa and she was absolutely the greatest.

Due to the rain we spend the afternoon mainly lounging around the apartment we were staying in and napping. Around dinner time the rain seemed to have cleared up enough that we decided to just chance it and go out. After getting lost quite a bit we finally made it to Old Montreal. We had a lovely dinner and did some exploring. Here are a few shots from that evening, enjoy!

Ps. It’s day 0 because technically no Osheaga activity was actually that day 😉







Osheaga 2014 (1/5)

Hello Folks,

So a while back I purchased tickets to the Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal that is held over the August long weekend. I was supposed to be going to a different concert that weekend with my baby sister Bernece, but after seeing the line-up for Osheaga we decided to sell our other tickets and buy 3-day passes for Osheaga!

Around the same time I was talking to one of my oldest friends, Emma, who I hadn’t seen since 2011. Emma and I met when we were just wee buggers but I was an attention hog and Emma was a brat so we didn’t get along too well. A few years later and after some msn chatting (oh the good ol’ days) we ended up becoming best friends. With her in Alberta and myself in Ontario, it wasn’t the most conventional of friendships. I decided to take the plunge when I was about 12 years old and go and visit her. The years to follow consisted of one of us visiting the other each summer, with 2011 being the last visit. We decided it was long overdue since the last time we saw each other and since I went there last, it was her turn to come here. With Osheaga Music Festival being the highlight of my summer, we decided there wasn’t a better time she could join for!

She arrived in Ottawa on the Tuesday, my sister arrived on the Wednesday and we left for Montreal on the Thursday! So this is where my journey begins!

I’ll try to spare you the boring day-to-day details, so instead I’ll just name the bands I saw each day, maybe throw in a few photos and maybe mention some highlights, ENJOY!

Love always,