The Bucket List

Slowly but surely crossing off the items on a list started around 8 years ago.

1.Bungee jump

2. Sky dive

3. Hug a cute stranger

4. Jump off a bridge

5. Donate my hair to Locks of Love

6. Sleep under the stars

7. Purchase my own pet

8. See a professional sports game

9. Be able to touch my toes

10. Road trip across Canada and visit every province

11. Learn to play an instrument

12. Get a tattoo

13. Build a tree house

14. Learn basic sign language

15. Send a message in a bottle

16. Live somewhere outside of Canada

17. Own a polaroid camera

18. Take a cruise through Antarctica

19. Visit Buddy Holly’s crash site

20. Own a Volkswagon camper van

21. Go to the crater that “extinct the dinosaurs”

22. Rent a camper and explore the United States

23. Go to a hot air balloon festival

24. Visit all 7 continents (3/7)

25. Live in a beach town for a summer

26. Send out a paper lantern

27. Get a psychic reading

28. Own a pair of Christian Louboutin heels

29. Go to a wine tasting at a vineyard

30. Learn how to surf

31. Send in a worthy Post Secret

32. Get my motorcycle license

33. Take a ballroom dancing class

34. Be an extra in a movie/music video

35. Celebrate my birthday in another country

36. Ski the Swiss Alpes

37. Go on a vegetarian food tour through India

38. Be a surrogate mother

39. Move to the West Coast

40. Take a random flight at an airport

41. Go hang gliding

42. Cross Abbey Road Crosswalk in London

43. Get an autograph from my favourite actor

44. Solve a rubik’s cube

45. Read a book a week for a year

46. Go zorbing

47. Be a contestant on a game show

48. Experience zero gravity

49. Do a colour run

50. Swim in Hiller Lake


One comment

  1. I’m reading through this trying to think of things we might be able to do this fall while we are both alone in Ottawa hahaha. I know of cheap ballroom dancing classes offered at some local churches and I am 110% down to go camping if “sleeping under the stars” doesn’t necessitate anything extremely romantic (I’ll always cuddle, though). 😉

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