Why I Continue to Write Dark & Twisty Things

Hello Folks,

While I appreciate and will forever be thankful to the multiple people who have reached out to me in regards to the content of my posts, I’d like to state that my posts are not a cry for help.

I began my blog over two years ago and from the beginning shared my raw, unfiltered feelings. I used my blog as a place to share my emotions, experiences and memories in writing for me to reflect on at a later date. I’m not sure why I ever chose to share my blog with family and friends, but I did, and I understand that comes with repercussions.

I always enjoyed reading blogs that you could tell came straight from the author’s heart. They weren’t edited with the messy pieces of their life being left out. They shared how their day sucked and how things don’t always work out the way you plan and it made me feel relieved that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way. With so many people’s lives seeming picture perfect on Instagram, etc, it was nice to know that there was real emotions and trials underneath it all.

My biggest fear is that I will no longer be able to post what I like writing about. My dark twisty thoughts may be troubling to read, but I know that some people relate to them, and if I can make even one person feel less alone than I’ve accomplished something. If it upsets you, then I kindly suggest that maybe my blog isn’t for you, and that you seek out other reading material for your spare time.

My blog isn’t only gloomy content either, I like to share monthly playlists, house decor updates, travel diaries, concert stories and more. When it comes down to it though, my blog has no structure or schedule, I post what I want, when I feel like it, and if it happens to be ranting my emotions, then that’s what it will be.

I do apologize to the people that I’ve upset with my posts up to this point. Not everyone is how they seem, and although I feel like I’m a pretty open book I know that maybe some of the content of my posts have surprised people, especially due to the blunt and honest nature of my writing. But on that note, I will no longer apologize for posting what I wish to get off my chest. Consider this post a *trigger warning* for the depressing content of future posts haha.

Love always,



One comment

  1. I talk to you most every day and you sound great and then I read your blog and I wonder if I’m wrong and worry. As long as you know the concern is because we love you so deeply and want only the good things for you. It hurts me to think of you feeling these dark emotions and finding yourself waking under a cloud. My biggest problem when I wake each day is figuring out what day it is and feeding that damn squawking cat outside my bedroom door.
    Thank you for your explanation and insight, I now know why you share them, which is very brave of you as I am not a person that shares emotions much (who knew aye). It’s a hard age as you try to find your way in the world. I admit I found an old journal the other day and was reading and thought jeez, was I really that cranked up about my life at that period of time. Endings and transitions can be scary and full of angst but in hindsight it got so much better after; you just don’t know it at the time. It’s a fact we all write in our journals etc. when we are feeling very emotional and often at our low points. It’s a good form of release, it lets you reflect on how you are feeling and get it out. Where do you think all those sappy sad songs come from on the radio. Other than Pharrell Williams, more of us tend to sit and write from a dark spot. When things are happy, bright and sunny we’re too busy being happy, happy, happy to sit and write about it. So here’s to writing it down, getting out, happy days and know I am always here if you need me. Love you,Mom

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