Little Life Update: Diagnostics And Kijiji

Hello Folks,

A little old fashioned life update here. I’m feeling like myself again lately (aka. not a cranky miserable piece of soggy toast). This is possibly going to be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever written on my blog so brace yourselves, but I think I found my calling.

Ok, so maybe that’s a tad bit dramatic and way too soon to tell, but I’ve been reconsidering going back to school lately and have really been looking into the health field. I considered nursing, and although it was my best idea I had come up with in a while, it still didn’t quite feel right. I had discussed this idea with my friend Chloe who told me aside from being a mother, she always pictured me as a nurse. I was at her house the other day when mid conversation I rudely blurted out “Do you have to do nursing to become a midwife?”, to which me told me that she didn’t think so, but that the course is extremely competitive.

The next day I spent hours researching the program, the prerequisites, the universities that offer the program, the application process, the acceptance rate, etc. I just wanted to know everything I could. Here is what I found: only three universities in Ontario offer the program, you can only apply to one per year or your application is disqualified, 75 people per university are called for interviews and of those only 30 are accepted for each university.

So it’s safe to say it will be a lot harder to get in than anything I’ve ever applied to before. And don’t worry – I’m prepared for this to be a long process which may take years to be accepted. Luckily all my university and college marks exceed their set minimum average, and I have (almost all) the high school requirements… except one. Stinking grade 12 biology… so guess who’s going back to high school?! This gal! Ok maybe that’s a slight over exaggeration. I am in the process of registering for grade 12 biology though! Luckily they have an online option, so I can do it from home and relatively at my own schedule.

I can genuinely say I have not been this excited about anything for a while. It just feels like a wonderful refreshing new start. On the topic of new starts, I’ve begun selling all my furniture on kijiji again. I swear I have an addiction. I sold my book shelf yesterday and am in the process of selling my dining room table. If only I could sell my hideous green leather couch and matching lazy boy… might take a lot more convincing from Ryan before I can finally kick those ugly 70’s pieces to the curb haha.

For now, this gal is feeling a lot better. My moods go up and down, but this last week has been the longest I’ve consecutively felt happy in a while. It may also have to do with this horrible nightmare I had at the end of last week where a ghost told me to stop wanting to die or someone else would take over my body? Yikes! I really would like my own personal dream analyst sometimes…

For now, I have my little kitty sleeping beside me with her precious squished face, I have Tim Hortons smiley face cookies I’m about to enjoy, and my lovely boyfriend got an unexpected long stay at home, so I’m beyond happy.

Love always,

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