10 Things To Do Alone This Summer

Hello Folks,

So with the news that my boyfriend and all of my friends will either be out of the city, province or country in the next 4 months has been on my mind a lot lately. With Ryan leaving in 10 days I started panicking about what I’m going to do with my time now that everyone I spend my time with will be gone.

I came up with a list of 10 things to do this summer, for anyone spending it on their own:

One) Start a new diet, or improve your existing one  

This is more of a personal “to-do” because I have an absolute garbage diet and it’s something I always wanted to work on but never had the time. Summer is a great time to try and start eating healthy if you’ve been thinking about it, with markets selling fresh produce and more fruits and vegetables being in season.

Two) Join an exercise class 

Ok I promise these won’t all be health related ahah. Gyms to me = social anxiety, fear and utter confusion. I lack the knowledge and guidance to perform a work out that is well-rounded and beneficial. I tried at-home work outs before because at least it took out the social anxiety, and I was less likely to injure myself because no fancy equipment, but I lacked the motivation to give myself a proper full workout. I’ve always enjoyed instructed classes and cities offer so many different exercise classes for all levels of fitness-goers.

Three) DIY projects 

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pinterest. I honestly can’t get enough of it, but I have endless boards of things I’ll never look at again, a lot of those pins reside on my DIY board. I hope this summer to partake in some larger projects (re-doing this faded and outdated credenza) to smaller projects such as copper shelves.

Four) Get a new tattoo / make a change 

This list started out as just a personal thing that I never intended on sharing on my blog, but I thought why not haha, so I understand getting a tattoo isn’t for everyone, but it’s more the idea of making a fun little change. I love constantly improving myself and although it’s important to start on the inside, sometimes it’s fun to make some changes to the outside as well. I’ve always wanted to get a dramatic haircut or cover myself in a couple more tattoos, so I hope to at least add one more to the collection this summer.

Five) Volunteer / build resume 

I think this one speaks for itself, if you have free time why not lend it to someone/something that needs it? There are countless organizations (big and little) that are always looking for volunteers. This may be on a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis or maybe they just need help for an event day, but it’s always good to lend a hand when you have the time. Or work on building your resume. This may also come in the form of putting in some volunteer hours, but it may be more directed at a non-paid internship, or taking classes to improve yourself and your resume.

Six) Throw yourself into work 

I recently accepted a promotion at work (one I had for some reason been putting off for some time), but it actually felt really good. I was recognized for my efforts and it felt nice advancing, even if it was only in the McDonald’s world. Neither of my current jobs really have take home work, but the idea of putting in more effort while at work, and slacking off less (something I should already be doing but admittedly don’t always do) is something I’d like to improve on.

Seven) Crafts and hobbies 

I hope to really work on my cross stitching/ embroidery this summer. This is a hobby I picked up a couple months ago and have really fallen in love with. I don’t always make as much time for it as I should, but my mum owns a small shop in my home town where artists sell their work and she does have some smaller and quirkier pieces, so she said if I made some cross stitches I could try and sell them in her store, which is pretty cool for me!

I love crafts and hobbies because the large majority are meant to be done on your own. Getting back to the things you enjoy doing, but maybe don’t always make time for, while also throwing in some quality “you time” is a great way to pass some rainy summer days when you’re stuck indoors.

Eight) Start a new hobby 

Obviously linked to the suggestion above, but why not try starting something new! Or maybe even try picking up a long-lost hobby of yours. Personally, I want to get back into running. I was pretty good at long-distance running in high school, running track events like the 1500 and 3000m, not to mention soccer which is pretty much just a sport to trick your brain that what you’re doing is fun and not just a shit ton of running.

Nine) Improve/finish personal projects 

On my list this actually says “create better content for blog”, which I guess I’ll start after this post hahah. To make it more relative to everyone, this could just simply mean improving on any personal projects you have in the works. Maybe you’re working on organizing your house, or performing a research project, what ever it may be, make this summer the time to focus on and finish it!

Ten) Get out of the house and enjoy events on your own 

While I was traveling abroad I rarely felt awkward being in a museum or walking through a market on my own. There’s something about being in your home town that makes performing public activities on your own a little less appealing. I know there is countless people who probably do this no problem, but for the fellow home bodies out there, try breaking out of your shell a little. Go to a cafe you’ve been meaning to try and sit down and have a coffee by yourself, bring a book or check your phone (if you’re desperate). Then move onto bigger things like concerts and restaurants. I know it sounds kind of lonely, but it’s super easy to enjoy an evening to yourself, even if you’re on your own, it just takes a little bit of courage.

I hope you enjoyed my suggestions. I know they’re nothing too out of the ordinary, but in the least I hope it encourages to do more of the things you enjoy and to spend more quality time with yourself.

Love always,

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