Little Life Update: I’m Doing Fine

Hello Folks,

I wanted to let anyone know who’s been worried about me that I’m sorry, and that I’m ok. I know that through my posts for the last little while I’ve come off mildly depressed at best. I’m not saying that it’s not true, because I have been in a bit of a slump as of late.

I’ve thought about packing it all in and giving up and coming home to Liskeard. I know in my heart it’s not what I want (other than to see my family more, that would be a dream). But there’s even less job opportunities in Liskeard than there is in Ottawa, so I know I just need to push through this period of my life and everything will be ok.

I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful support system in Ottawa filled with people who have my best interest at heart, which makes everything I’m feeling a lot easier to process.

Also, this past week has presented me with new opportunities that I’m so excited to see how they unfold in the future. A fellow student of the Event Management program referenced me for a job as an administrative assistant and I started pretty much right away! I now work two jobs, 6-2 at McDonald’s and 4-? at JH Productions, the company I’m now working for. I’m exhausted by the end of the day, and I have a lot less time to do personal things, but hopefully soon I’ll get a bit more of a set schedule with my assistant job and I can develop a new routine. I’m really excited to be getting this experience and of course the extra hours and money haha.

I hope to still find a full-time job that is a tad bit more related to my field, or a second part time job at least so I can rid McDonald’s once and for all. Until I find another job that has more stable hours, I’ll still be at McDonald’s, but hopefully my good luck continues and it won’t be for much longer!

As much as I hate the actual work, the uniform, the greasy surroundings and of course the early mornings, I’m going to miss the people once I (eventually) leave. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be there, but I’ll make the most of my time right now.

I just want everyone to know that I’m fine and that everything will only get better from here.

Love always,


  1. You are a strong and optimistic person, and I have always admired how goal-oriented you are. You will get where you need to me, and know that I am always here (even when piled in schoolwork) ❤ Love you Kate!

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