Welcome Posie Girl

Hello Folks,

So I have the most exciting news that I’ve been meaning to share for about a week now! I got a cat! This has literally been a life dream of mine and I can’t express how happy I am, it honestly doesn’t feel real yet. She’s an absolute sweetheart, she always follows us around the house and if you pat beside you she’ll come over. She’s everything I’ve wanted in a cat and more. Here are some little facts about her:

Name: Posie
Breed: Persian
Colouring: Torti
Age: 5 months
Likes: cuddling, shoving her face in yours, playing with those little wand toys, taking naps under the recliner, watching tv, peeking into every crevice she can
Dislikes: baths, getting her tummy brushed, the front door and getting her back pet





I hope you enjoy these photos of her! Her dark fur makes her hard to photograph but here are a few I took of her today. She’s so tiny, I hope she stays this way forever.

Love always,

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