It’s A New Year

Hello Folks,

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays. I know I have, although they went by way too quickly. I was lucky enough to get a week off work so I headed up north to spend the time with my family. As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s always so lovely to come home and just fall back into old routines.

I had a lovely time just relaxing, eating and spending time with my loved ones and friends that I don’t get the opportunity to see as much any more. My nanny lives in a cottage on a lake, which wasn’t frozen Christmas day (the first time in years!) so me and my sister took the mild weather as an opportunity to have a little photoshoot, and later my mum joined in. Here are some of my favourites.

My mum mocking how my sister throws her head back in photos haha

How much does my sister resemble my mum?!


Unfortunately I had to head home on the 27th, so I didn’t get to spend New Years at home. I still had a lovely evening in the city at my friend Madie’s home, drinking with friends and strangers and eating yummy food cooked up by her talented boyfriend.

My New Year’s resolutions began a couple days early because who needs to a day to signify change? But I do think that making resolutions is a way to better enforce the changes you want to make, so I enjoy making some every year. I’ll share mine just as a way to add more pressure to myself to not give up haha.

My 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

1. Become a Minimalist – this is something I’ve been leading up to for quite some time now. I don’t enjoy clutter or useless possessions and I constantly find myself shifting through my belongings and finding reasons to get rid of them. A couple days ago I donated 6 bags of clothing/items and I can’t wait to dig further.

2. Take better care of my body – everyone had the typical “work out, eat better” resolution, and although that is an aspect of my resolution, I also want to work on not tearing myself down, feeling better in my own skin, focus on getting all the vitamins I need without completing cutting out all the snacks I enjoy. Yes I want to work out, but to feel stronger, not look slimmer. This year I want to work on not only the physical aspects of myself, but the internal and psychological as well.

3. Start saving – I am literally the worst with money. I make poor choices with my finances and the rest goes to food and living expenses. I hope that this year I can build up a bit of a savings account, and now that none of my money is going to education I hope this will be a little easier.

4. Take up cross stitching – I’ve enjoyed crafts since I was a youngling (thanks to my creative momma) and I’ve been looking at finding a hobby with some sort of an outcome. I enjoy blogging and playing on Ryan’s DS but they don’t really have a physical outcome that I can look at and think “ya, I did that”. I stumbled across some super neat cross stitching on instagram and pinterest and I instantly knew I wanted to learn. I haven’t felt a real push to get started but as my days become more repetitive I need a hobby to keep myself away from electronics and my brain active.

5. Spend less time on my phone – I try to not be that person who’s always on their phone, especially when I’m out spending time with friends, but when I have nothing to say or I feel as if I can’t contribute to the conversation I have the tendency to whip out my phone to avoid feeling awkward and useless in the conversation. I want to work on feeling comfortable with my silences and become a better listener instead of tuning into my phone.

6. Become a pet owner – Being home for the holidays is the reason this became an official resolution. Everyone in my family has a cat. Seriously, on my mum’s side of the family there is a total of 10 cats, granted 5 of those belong to my Grandma haha. My mum was the anti-pet owner for years until her parter took in a “stray” and she instantly fell for the cat as well. After her partner’s passing we adopted the cat and he’s been a loving member of our family ever since. I swear every time I come home he’s more cuddly and affectionate than the last. He used to sit alone and if you tried to hold him he’d jump away, but now he comes to you and will lie and cuddle with you. A pet is something that loves you unconditionally, never expecting anything in return (expect food haha) but I finally feel at a place in my life that it’s stable enough to welcome a pet into my life. I hope that 2016 can finally be the year.

7. Get a job that makes me happy – Currently I work at McDonald’s, making minimum wage and waking up at 5am. I dislike fast food, I dislike uniforms and I dislike working before the sun has even made an appearance. These are all things I hope to ditch when I get a new job. Working only takes up 40/168 hours I have each week, but I hope that shortly those will be 40 more hours a week that I enjoy.

8. Grow out my nails + eyebrows – although this sounds like a purely ascetic one, and of course it kind of it, it also signifies not stressing as much (because that’s when I chew my nails) and caring less about my overall appearance (constantly taking care of my eyebrows).

9. Gain some confidence + enjoy being me again – this is something I’ve specifically struggled with for a while, although it may not be that obvious from the outside. I guess you could say I’ve been going through a bit of an identity crisis. Or more so, just that I lost touch with the things that made me, “me”. I started forgetting the things I truly enjoyed doing and the things that made me happy. I started focusing too much on the exterior of myself, thinking that if I looked a certain way, feeling that way would follow. And since the exterior of me is either in pyjama’s or a McDonald’s uniform 80% of the time, it was hard to remember who I was anymore. This past year I was far too hard on myself, labeling myself as nothing more than a uni drop out and fast-food worker and not allowing myself to be much more than that. I hope to tap into the internal aspects of myself this year, to focus more on the things people need to learn, instead of the things people can assume from the uniform I wear.

10. Get rid of the toxins in my life and welcome more enhancements – I think that as humans we tend to keep a lot of negative things in our life because we think it’s natural or that it’s too much work to change our habits. For example, toxic people, toxic habits, toxic activities. I’ve managed to cut a lot of these out of my life over the years but there’s still some dragging behind me like a ball and chain. I hope to this year finally rid my life of the lasting toxics to make room for more enhancements. Put time and energy into the people that deserve it, not the people that I feel obligated to. Focus on more positive thoughts and not get bogged down worrying. I hope to make 2016 my most positive and fulfilling year yet.

I hope you all have a lovely year spent however the heck you want.

Love always,


  1. You go girl! The world is yours and you make what you will of it. Keep positive, enjoy the little joys, moments and pleasures that life hands you. Laugh lots! “You can’t always get what you want but you get what you need.” RIP eyebrows.

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