Holidays & Family

Hello Folks,

In less than one week I’ll be back in my tiny home town with my lovely family. I so desperately wished they lived in a city instead of a small town ages away from everything. I love my family and the older I get the more I wish I could spend time with them. After finishing school I considered moving home to save money and see them more often, but decided against it.

Don’t get me wrong, my home town is beautiful and there’s something about it that makes it special, probably just because it’s always been home, but it’s no place for a young adult. Our population completely lacks 20-30 year olds unless they’ve moved home after school to marry someone else from our small town and start having babies. I’m not kidding, that’s pretty much it. I couldn’t imagine being a single 20-something in New Liskeard, it would pretty much be a lonely nightmare.

It’s sad the older I get the more perspective I gain on everything I took for granted when I was younger and living at home. I left  home when I was 17 (soon to be 18) and I never went back, no summers, nothing. Not everyone has a wonderful family but I am so lucky to have been born into the one I have. We’re small, but a strong support system when support is needed. There’s a 99% chance someone is available to hang out with at any given time and I miss having that, even though it’s something I didn’t take advantage of enough while I was home.

I hope that when I get older and I reach the age of “settling down” that I can at least have my sister and mum by my side. I still remember when my sister told me that she wanted to live in the same city as me when she’s older and I almost cried, and my memory sucks but I still remember it to this day. We didn’t get along much when we were little (I think it mainly stemmed from me looking like the equivalent a piece of straw and her being a little curly headed gum drop), but as we got older we got a lot closer and it sucks not having someone to tell all your boring stories to and get outfit advice on the daily, along with a billion other things.

I love the holidays because I get to go home and see everyone and everything just resumes like I never left. Sure, everyone is a little older and some times things have changed slightly but generally everything is the same. This year my cousin (I have 2 ha) is coming home from Korea for the holidays, which is super exciting as it’s been over two years since I’ve seen him. The numbers in my family are dwindling with everyone growing up and moving away so it’s nice to have anyone we can be home for the holidays haha.

I wish everyone a happy holidays and hope that yours is filled with yummy food, cozy atmosphere’s, time with your lovely families, and I especially hope that you don’t buy anyone a present that they won’t let you live down for years (cough cough mum and the fruit hanger)…

Love always,


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