Little Life Updates: Happy Where I Am

Hello Folks,

I have some catching up to do. I’ve now moved to my new apartment downtown Ottawa and am absolutely loving it. I’m not unpacked, there is still laundry and dishes that need doing and we currently don’t even have a couch, but some how it’s perfect. I’m still working at McDonald’s, with the stress of finding a new place on such short notice and then moving and settling in, I simply haven’t found the time to just sit down and look for jobs. But you know what, I’m happy.

The thing that annoys me though is that people don’t seem to believe it. There’s something about finishing school and not instantly being employed in your field that make people believe you’re struggling. To tell you the truth, I don’t mind working at McDonald’s. I have no intentions of living out my days there, and once I’m finished moving I will start looking for jobs in my field, but I’m in no rush. I get hackled by relatives, friends, and others almost daily about if I’ve found a job in my field yet and it honestly drives me nuts. Some go as far as sending me job postings. The thing is – I know that they think they’re doing me a favour, but it feels like they think I’m lazy or unable to find these opportunities on my own. It isn’t the fact that half the posting I get sent I’m not qualified for, or that the other half are in sectors of my field that I have absolutely no interest in. No. It’s the fact that these people think that I’m not satisfied with exactly where I am. I’m not counting down the days until I leave McDonald’s, nor do I think my life will substantially change for the better once I do. Yes, I’d love to not smell like grease after a day at work, but my job gives me everything I want in life; food, concerts, the ability to furnish my home. There isn’t much else I really need.

That was why I really wanted to write this blog post today, to let anyone reading that may be feeling bad for me that I couldn’t get a job right away and I had to go back to McDonald’s, that life couldn’t be better. It may not be everyone’s idea of perfect, but it’s currently mine.

I went to a concert yesterday and I’ll be posting about it tomorrow if I have the time to upload the horrible iPhone photos I took hahah. Until then…

Love always,

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