What Was I Thinking

Hello Folks,

I started this long dreary post about emotions and blah blah blah but part way through I mentioned how I want to make a change to my appearance, specifically my hair. I was going to try and find some old photos to show how much I used to change my hair, where as now I haven’t dyed it or got more than a trim in something like three years. Well, I found some and holy moly what was I thinking?! I don’t think there is one hair style I’d like to revisit. For your viewing pleasure, here are my variety of hairstyles I’ve supported since I first started dying/styling my hair in about grade eight. Enjoy, but before you judge me, remember the tragic hairstyles you’ve inevitably been through (like that time you tried to cut your own bangs…)

May 2009

June 2009

February 2010

July 2010

Dec 2010
December 2010

Dec 2010 (2)
December 2010

Jan 2011
January 2011

March 2011
March 2011

May 2011
May 2011

June 2011
June 2011

July 2011
July 2011

Sept 2011
September 2011

Dec 2011
December 2011

February 2012

May 2012
May 2012

July 2012
July 2012

Aug 2012
August 2012

Nov 2012
November 2012

Feb 2013
February 2013

I tried to keep the dates and photos as consistent as possible, which was quite easy as apparently I have a favourite selfie pose? As you can see, I’ve been through my fair share of horrible hair styles. I think it’s been since spring 2012 that I’ve dyed my hair, so after that point all you really see is my hair growing out again from when I cut it tragically short back in March 2011. There is also a period where my hair was a horrible orangey-brown since I would often box dye it dark brown and let it fade to that horrible red tint box dyes always leave, but there was no photos that I could find, what a shame lol. I was so indecisive about my hair that once I finally stopped dying it for a couple months, it turned into a couple years. It’s starting to get to that point though that if I don’t change it soon I’m scared I never will. So maybe we’ll be seeing a hair change in the upcoming months once I have some cash to spare. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! As you can see from my photo proof above, I haven’t always been the best at making decisions about my hair.

Love always,


  1. I like May 2011! I always loved that picture of you, despite the fact I normally didn’t enjoy the blonde and bangs. Other than now, I think that style is my favourite of yours! Ps you’re so cute.

  2. I think some subtle blond highlights would be nice. NO BANGS. You look like Alex in some of these pictures, never noticed the similarity before…maybe it’s that selfie pose!

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