Little Life Update: Adult Life

Hello Folks,

I’m sorry that I’ve been so absent lately but my life has been less than exciting. I’ve been completely unmotivated to do anything lately. My progress in landing a job has gone as far as updating my resume and bookmarking a few possible positions to apply to on my computer. I have been updating my kijiji account (website where you sell stuff) and been making enough off of my sales to keep surviving. I was telling my mum that I was considering a career as a professional kijiji sales woman. I don’t think she was too big of a supporter of that idea.

Other than that my life has been excruciatingly uneventful. I did go to yoga on Parliament Hill for the first time the other day, which if you’re ever in Ottawa on a Wednesday afternoon you should definitely check out, even if it’s just to take a peek at what’s going on. (More info here:

Oh! I did purchase Passenger tickets for this September in Montreal! My birthday lands on a Saturday this year and the concert happens to be just a few days after, so it’s like a late birthday celebration. I usually have awful luck with birthdays (plans falling through, things not working out, etc.) and I’ve pretty much given up on getting hyped for my birthday, but maybe this year won’t be so bad. Last year I had the chance to meet him, and even give him a kiss on the cheek! (See post about concert here:

I don’t think this year I’ll be as lucky, but any concert of his is a treat so I’m happy regardless. Today I’m finally getting my ass in gear and finalizing my resume and making a cover letter. Well that’s what I said as I went to my freezer is search of freezies and came out with a Mike’s Hard frozen “mike-arita”. I am now edging on drunk and still dying of heat in my stuffy little duplex. Ugh…. well there’s always tomorrow right? hahaha

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.29.50 PM

Love always,

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