Next stop: Netherlands

Hello Folks,

The last country I had the pleasure of visiting before looping back to the UK was the Netherlands. I can’t say enough how much I enjoyed the drive from Paris to Amsterdam. Yes 9 hours was long, but with a book in my lap and Belgium and Netherlands countryside out my window, it made for a good drive. I wish I had more time for everything, but especially Amsterdam and the Netherlands. It was a last minute decision to go at all, with me booking my bus the night before and my hostel the morning of. If I can offer a piece of advice for anyone planning to visit Amsterdam, DON’T GO ON A WEEKEND. I myself am eighty at heart and not much of a party person and it ended up costing me so much more to stay in the city because it was a weekend. If I would have had more time to plan I would have visited at a different time, but unfortunately I had to loop back to England soon as my flight was a round trip, so it was a sort of “now or never” decision, and although I got completely ripped off with hostel prices, it was still completely worth it.

Cities Visited
1. Amsterdam

1. The Anne Frank Museum
2. Having Emilee (a girl I met in Paris) to explore with
3. Seeing Alan Rickman in a museum
4. Constantly having something beautiful to look at (including the people – what’s in the water here?!)

1. It rained morning to night my last day in the city
2. My hostel cost me a fortune

Favourite Shots

Canal and buildings (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Cute shop (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Dusk (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Unedited canal (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Alan Rickman ? (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Love always,


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