Next Stop: France

Hello Folks,

After just under a week in Dublin visiting Emma and being a tourist, I headed to the Dublin airport on route to Lyon! Once at the Lyon airport, after a tram ride, multiple train change overs and walking around aimlessly for hours, I finally made it to the hostel. The staff was super friendly, but the hostel itself was inside a parking garage and had no sort of security system. The bedrooms had no locking system as well, so essentially anyone off the street could walk into the hostel and more importantly into our rooms where we sleep, but that’s just a minor detail I wanted to rant about. The city itself was colourful and lively, while maintaining a low-key type of feeling. I think this was because it didn’t have the same hustle and bustle as all the other tourist-type cities I’d been visiting. I spent only a couple of nights in Lyon before heading to Paris. I stayed in Paris for just under a week (are you noticing a pattern?), but I wish it could have been more. The city was absolutely beautiful and there was so much to do but alas, at the end of the week I had to pack up my bag and move on to the next country: the Netherlands.

Cities Visited
1. Lyon
2. Paris

1. The relaxing atmosphere in Lyon
2. Seeing the Eiffel tower sparkle
3. The nice weather – for once!
4. Seeing the Love Lock Bridge before it was removed
5. The tubes and easy navigation in Paris

1. My hostel in Lyon was in a parking garage with no security what-so-ever
2. The smell of urine in various parts of Paris

Favourite Shots

Colourful little cacti (Lyon, France)

Little cacti (Lyon, France)

Flowers for sale (Lyon, France)

Panorama of the canal (Lyon, France)

Sacre-Coeur (Paris, France) 

The horrendous hanging tennis ball (Paris, France) 

Park beside Shakespeare and Company (Paris, France)

Obstructed view (Paris, France)

Panorama of The Louvre (Paris, France)

View from the top (Paris, France) 

Unedited view from The Arch De Triomphe (Paris, France)

Love always,


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