Next Stop: Scotland

Hello Folks,

After leaving Syd in Leicester, I caught a train to Edinburgh! I spent four nights there, which in hindsight ended up being a tad bit too long and I wish I would have explored more of Scotland. I had heard such good things about Edinburgh and how much there was to see so I wanted to make sure I had enough time for everything. Not to mention re-packing a backpack every day or two is a huge pain in the butt and I’m clearly much too lazy for that haha.

Cities Visited
1. Edinburgh

1. Climbing Arthur’s Seat
2. Ice cream from Mary’s Milk Bar
3. My hostel (
4. The free walking tour of the city
5. All the cute little independent shops
6. Beautiful museums

1. Spent too much time in one place
2. Some bitchy waitress at The Elephant House gave me dirty water

Favourite Shots

First night (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Bagpipes (Edinburgh, Scotland) 

Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Arthur’s Seat (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Mary’s Milk Bar (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Lovely view (Edinburgh, Scotland) 

Castle and shops (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Panorama of Arthur’s Seat #1 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Panorama of Arthur’s Seat #2 ft. Arthur (Edinburgh, Scotland) 

Panorama of Arthur’s Seat #3 (Edinburgh, Scotland)

The Elephant House (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Proof of my dirty water haha (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Love always,

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