European Adventure

Hello Folks,

On May 1st I embarked on my five week backpacking trip to the UK and Europe. I was nervous, anxious but most of all excited. This would be my first time traveling alone for this amount of time, but luckily I had a friend in England and a friend in Ireland to help break up my time spent alone. I also soon found out that “time alone” in hostels didn’t really exist, and you had to choose between being annoyed by your hostel mates or becoming friends with them, and I typically tried to choose the latter. As much as I learnt about different cultures and customs, I think the most I learnt on this trip was about myself. My worries before leaving consisted of dining alone, navigating new cities and staying in rooms full of strangers. I was pleasantly surprised that none of these were half as bad as I thought they would be. I won’t lie to you and say that it was all peaches and cream either though. I may have cried while trying to get a table in France, and I may have become frustrated when my navigating skills turned up being sub-par (on multiple occasions) and I may have even had a mental break down or two over snoring old men and my inability to sleep through the night. But alas, all hardships come with the satisfaction of overcoming them, and over come them I did. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite memories and photographs from each country in separate posts, so make sure to check them out.

Love always,

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