First Stop: England

Hello Folks,

I started my journey by flying into London, but actually I immediately caught a coach to Leicester where I would be staying with my friend Sydney for around 10 days. While staying in Leicester I took an overnight trip to Sheffield and Howden to visit family and from there went to Liverpool for the day to explore. I finished off my time in Leicester before heading off to Scotland. As my plane ticket was a round trip, I ended up making my way back up to England at the end of my time in Europe, which is when I visited Liverpool for a second (and much less rainy) time, as well as Brighton and finally London and Little Harrowden.

Cities Visited
1. Leicester
2. Sheffield
3. Howden
4. Liverpool
5. Brighton
6. London
7. Little Harrowden

1. Seeing my lovely friend Sydney
2. Getting to meet a small handful of my British family
3. Absolutely everything about Brighton: the seaside, the tiny shops, the delicious restaurants
4. The best dessert I’ve ever had – a cheese cake brownie from Cloud 9 in Brighton
5. Seeing the Cavern Club Beatles tribute band*
6. The accents (my weakness haha)

1. Not having appropriate rain gear
2. The awful conver$ion rate
3. Not having enough time to explore more of England

Favourite Shots

Sydney & I (Leicester, England) 

A very rainy day (Liverpool, England)

“George” from the Cavern Club Beatles Tribute Band (Liverpool, England) *

Dream houses (Brighton, England)

The best brownie I’ve ever had (Brighton, England)

Beach huts (Brighton, England

Unedited Tower Bridge (London, England) 

Unedited Big Ben (London, England)

Love always,

*If you’re ever in Liverpool, I advise you check them out. Here is their website:

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