Passenger Concert

Hello Folks,

So yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of seeing one of my favourite individual artists of all time, Mike Rosenberg. Or how he’s more commonly known, Passenger. My best friend and I took the greyhound bus early Friday morning to Montreal to wait in-line all day in hopes of getting front row. We got there around 11am and made camp on the side walk, playing cards to pass the time. Shortly after I kicked Madie’s butt in a few games of Speed, I hear Madie casually say “Stu!”, and I turn to see Stu Larsen, the opener for Passenger just walking pass the line. He chatted up Madie for a little bit before she snagged a quick photo with him and he continued on his way down the sidewalk.

The doors opened at 6:30pm and the show started at 7pm. We were about 8th in line and managed to snag second row right in the centre. Two girls (one with crutches) were using her crutches to save the spots right in the front, but we didn’t mind as second row seemed pretty rad to us. A few minutes after getting in though, a security guard took away the girls crutches and told her she can’t save spots like that, and told Madie and I to move up! So we ended up getting to be front row centre for the concert! I can honestly say that it made the experience that much more memorable for us.

The concert itself was just amazing. Mike is so lovely with crowds. His performance doesn’t involve a band, or any crazy stunts, just a talented man, his guitar and some stomping. The crowd was perfectly quiet during the proper songs and singing along in the others. It was honestly such a magical experience to be apart of such a wonderful crowd. This may have just been in my head, but I swear Mike smiled at us a couple of times during the performance, and each time my heart would completely melt. His sense of humour throughout the whole concert with the audience was hilarious and captivating, and I left the concert completely in love.

After the concert, Madison and I decided to go around back and wait by the artist entrance in hopes of catching a glimpse of him and getting a picture if we were lucky. There was around 50 people or more there when we first arrived and we were near the end of the line, but shortly after we arrived a girl who butted us earlier in the line-up came up and grabbed us, apologized for butting earlier and let us come up near the front with her. It’s true that what goes around comes around! She also expressed how jealous she was that Mike had smiled to us numerous times throughout the performance (I guess it wasn’t only in my head)!

It started raining a little and it was getting late and chilly and many of the fans waiting ended up leaving. After around an hour and a half Mike finally came out and there was only about 25-30 girls left. He took photos, hugged, and signed everyone’s things.

It was honestly the best day of my life and I can already feel the post-concert depression sinking in. I hope to see Mike perform many times in the future, as well as Stu. Here are some photos from the event:


Madie and Stu before the show

Mike performing

Madie and Mike

Mike and I

“Me: *blushing* Can I kiss you on the cheek for the photo?
Mike: *laughs* yes of course.”

Love always,

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