Osheaga Day 0 (2/5)

Day 0: Thursday

The day started with our trek to Ottawa Central Station to catch the 10 o’clock bus to Montreal! Unfortunately we arrived to Montreal in the middle of a thunderstorm and our days plan to explore Old Montreal got put on halt. We were staying with a women that we met off https://www.airbnb.com, which if you’ve never heard of you MUST check out! Airbnb was a huge life saver for us. Basically how it works is that people who have vacant rooms in their apartment/house/etc, become hosts and rent out their room(s) for the length of days you need. It’s cheaper than a hotel and it also allows you to have someone who knows the city. Our hosts name was Lisa and she was absolutely the greatest.

Due to the rain we spend the afternoon mainly lounging around the apartment we were staying in and napping. Around dinner time the rain seemed to have cleared up enough that we decided to just chance it and go out. After getting lost quite a bit we finally made it to Old Montreal. We had a lovely dinner and did some exploring. Here are a few shots from that evening, enjoy!

Ps. It’s day 0 because technically no Osheaga activity was actually that day 😉







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