The Crash

Hello folks,

So I have some unfortunate but also kind of positive news…

On Thursday I was driving on some back roads in a neighbouring city, looking for an address of a women who I was supposed to be purchasing something from, when while paying attention to my GPS and the street signs, I completely blew a stop sign, and a truck to my left hit me. All I remember is seeing the headlights and thinking “yes, I just squeaked by, no damage, just a  close call” and then waking up with my car in the grass across the intersection. I was in shock and just tried getting out of my car when I noticed the door had been pounded shut. I climbed over the passenger seat and saw that the whole left side of my car had be impacted, and thankfully, the back of my car took it more than the front, keeping me safe.

I was rushed to the hospital incase of any breaks or fractures in my neck/shoulders/ribs. Luckily I walked out of the hospital with nothing more than some sprains and scraped knees. It was honestly such a terrifying experience and dealing with insurance companies, while also being left in the dark by the police has made this experience much more stressful.

I know not a lot, if anyone, actually is reading my posts at this point, and this is more of just a way for me to process the whole situation and finally come to terms with me being at fault. So many people once they found out about my accident kept telling me “oh man that’s such bad luck”, but in my eyes it’s quite the opposite. The situation, while unfortunate (mainly for my poor car) was extremely lucky that 1) the back end of my car suffered more damage than the front where I was sitting and 2) that the truck, which for starters was about twice as heavy as my vehicle, wasn’t going much faster.

I know it’s cliche, but it really puts life in perspective. If I can give any advice, it’s honestly to buckle up. I never knew how much seat belts were important until I had scrapes on my hips and on my collar bone from it keeping me from flying out my windshield.

Stay safe everyone,

Love always,


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